Reserves FAQ For Faculty & Instructors

Submitting Items To Be Placed On Reserve

What is the procedure for putting a book on reserve?
Bring the material you want placed on reserve to the library where you want the reserve item held, and complete a copy of the Book & Media Reserve Information & Release Form. Each branch houses their own reserve items and those items must be delivered to those branches by the instructors or their representatives.

I have other kinds of items to put on reserve. Is that handled the same way?
Yes, bring the items you want placed on reserve to the Circulation Desk, and complete a copy of the Book & Media Reserve Information & Release Form.

What is the turnaround time for reserves?
It usually takes less than 72 hours from the time the material is dropped off at the Circulation Desk. Processing times will be longer during peak times, such as the beginning of semesters.

Turnaround time at the branch libraries may vary. Ask when you drop off the material.

Are there any restrictions on what can be placed on reserve?
UNLV library operates reserve systems in order for instructors to get copies of assigned readings to students in their classes. The system is not to be used for any other purpose.

Materials not accepted for reserves include:

  • Any material that students are expected to purchase, such as coursepacks, especially coursepacks put together by campus Reprographics
  • Unbound library materials.
  • Galley copies, or any other pre-published materials.

While we will strive to keep as many items on reserve as possible to support UNLV student learning initiatives, library staff retain the right to refuse any item's placement on reserves for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to the item's condition or the amount of available space for storage.

How do I get more information about copyright?
See  Copyright Questions for Reserves Materials

Who do I contact with questions about placing items on reserve?

Lied Library
Holly Samayoa

Architecture Studies Library
Julie Myers

Music Library
Michael Platte

Teacher Development & Resources Library
Christina Miskey

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