Research Data Management

Developing a data management plan that includes describing, sharing, and preserving data is an important and sometimes required step in the research cycle.

Create A Data Management Plan

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Preserve And Share Data

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  • Identify options for making your data available to others now and in the future
  • Identify appropriate repositories for your data.
  • Select the appropriate level of data preservation to meet the needs of granting agencies and other stakeholders.
  • Create good metadata to improve discovery and future use.
  • Find other campus or external services for migrating legacy or obsolete file formats.

Create High-Quality Metadata For Your Scholarly Works

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  • Understand metadata and why it’s needed.
  • Find best practices for metadata creation.
  • Develop basic descriptive components to help others find your data.
  • Identify applicable metadata standards based on your discipline and the format of your data.
  • Develop good file names.

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