The Robert Woodruff Collection Exhibit — 2018

UNLV University Libraries Special Collections and Archives’ new exhibit, The Robert Woodruff Collection, is located in the Flo Mlynarczyk Gallery on the third floor of UNLV’s Lied Library and will run through the end of the fall semester. The exhibit is filled with large scale reproductions of this original photographs, as well as original papers and other items from his collection. Through his images, Woodruff’s collection chronicles his early years working at Hoover Dam during his summer breaks from college in Oberlin, Ohio. It shows his efforts to promote Las Vegas as a western oasis in the desert where cowboys are all around. And it follows as Woodruff transitions from Las Vegas-based photographer and promoter to business owner in Henderson. The Robert Woodruff Collection, curated by Peter Michel and Aaron Mayes, provides a fascinating glimpse into lost eras through the eyes of a man who clearly loved Southern Nevada, being involved in community, and photography.

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