OUT — 2019

Curators: Su Kim Chung and Sarah Jones

Location: Cases outside the UNLV Special Collections and Archives main entrance


Documenting LGBTQ Las Vegas

The LGBTQ Archives held in UNLV Libraries Special Collections & Archives provide historical documentation on the queer community in Las Vegas dating from the late 1970s until the present day and range from photographs to organizational and business records to personal papers. These collections contain the history of LGBTQ-friendly businesses, gay rights organizations and activists, LGBTQ social organizations, PRIDE organizers, drag entertainers, trans activists, and a wealth of information relating to the LGBTQ community in Southern Nevada.

Researchers wishing to know about how the AIDS epidemic impacted Las Vegas, when the first gay student organization was founded at UNLV, how the sodomy laws were overturned in Nevada, when the first Las Vegas PRIDE celebration was organized, and how marriage equality became a reality for gay Nevadans can find these answers and much more in our LGBTQ Archives. Within these archives, they might find PRIDE posters and t-shirts, AFAN brochures, photographs of local gay bars and their patrons, programs from local drag shows, and newsletters from a variety of LGBTQ organizations.

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