Gifts and Donations

About Gifts and Donations

The UNLV Libraries appreciate the donation of library resources which strengthen the Libraries collections and support the University programs. If you would like to donate materials to the Music Library, please contact Cory Tucker, Head of Continuing Resources & Collections, (702) 895-2133. The Music Library does not accept donations without prior discussion and all donations require a full inventory list of the items included. Materials left at the Music Library without prior arrangements will not be added to the collection.

Factors to Consider

UNLV University Libraries Gift Policy:

Due to the high costs of managing the gift process, careful consideration of all gifts is important.

  • Potential gift items typically fulfill at least one of the following:
    • Support the University’s current and evolving curriculum and research interests
    • Augment older and current collections
    • Document regional interests or issues
  • Donors will be asked to provide a list of items. Having an inventory of the potential gift allows the libraries to make better evaluation decisions, avoid duplication, keep processing costs down and avoid acceptance of items in poor condition.
  • Types of donations that are generally not accepted include:
    • Materials that are not in good physical condition, e.g., contain mold, mildew, tears, or are heavily marked, etc.
    • Large artifacts such as works of art, musical instruments, etc.
    • Outdated media formats, such as LPs, cassettes, etc.(unless content is deemed of significant uniqueness and importance)
    • Materials which duplicate current holdings.
    • Gifts with conditions, unless there are special circumstances. Gifts accepted by the UNLV Libraries are taken with the understanding that the Libraries make all necessary decisions as to retention and use.
  • Staff of the University Libraries cannot provide appraisal of value for materials. Written acknowledgement will be provided on request.