Music Education Resources

In addition to having useful resources throughout the library's primary collection, the Music Library also has three cabinets with resources specific to Music Education. These include textbooks, classroom method books, method books for individual and classroom study, and scores.

Items from the Music Education Resource Cabinets may be used outside of the library but must be returned. These materials are the property of the Music Library and are to be shared by everyone. If you would like your own copy of something from these cabinets, please use the available copy machine in the Music Library.

 How to Find Items in the Music Education Resources Cabinets

Items in the MERC cabinets have call numbers similar to regular library items. Each type of material has its own 3 letter prefix that indicates the material type, followed by numbers that identify the specific title. Each letter prefix has its own drawer in the cabinets, which are labeled with the prefixes.

  • CEB: Concert band scores
  • MEB: Band method books
  • MEI: Individual instrument method books
  • MEJ: Jazz ensemble method books
  • MEM: Children's choral music and children's musicals
  • MEO: Orchestra method books
  • MER: Other music education resources such as textbooks