UNLV Music Library Highlighted Venues: Paramount Theatre (Oakland)

Photograph from: HABS photographic collection at Library of Congress

Paramount Theatre is in Oakland, California and was opened in 1931. It is a Depression-era building, with its construction started by Publix Theatres and then sold to Fox-West Coast Theatres. The name, Paramount Theatre was kept, however, and then the building was sold again in 1972 to the Board of Directors of the Oakland Symphony Orchestra Association. Now, the theatre is home to the Oakland Symphony, while also hosting pop music concerts, variety shows, and movies. Bob Marley and the Wailers, Earth, Wind & Fire, Erykah Badu, and many other famous artists have all taken on the Paramount’s stage. 

All information pulled from: http://www.paramounttheatre.com/history.html

Click the link below to look inside the theatre:

Google 360 View: Paramount Theatre

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