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About Materials Ordering & Receiving (MOR)

Materials Ordering and Receiving's major responsibility is that of ordering and receiving monographs, serials and other materials for the library's collection. Electronic resources are ordered and connectivity is maintained by the department. Orders are authorized by the subject bibliographers who receive requests from faculty, staff, students and other patrons.

We receive between 200-300 approval books each week from Yankee Book Peddler. These books are recently-published titles from several hundred U.S. publishers. The bibliographers make the decision whether to keep or return the titles. Three foreign language approval plans are received monthly; these are French, Spanish and Latin American titles. Foreign language professors make the decisions for these titles.

The materials invoices are prepared for payment and sent to the Controller's Office where the payment information is entered onto the University financial system and the checks are issued and mailed to our vendors.

Gift Book Procedure

The first step in the Gift books procedure is to contact Collection Development, who coordinates previewing prospective gifts. The current Gift Materials Policy should also be consulted.