We are a team of individuals who partner with others to explore the application of technology in research and learning to enable discovery, creation, and new modes of scholarship. Our mission is to foster a sense of discovery and creativity within the UNLV community through inclusive spaces, services and experiences.

Knowledge Production Services Support the following goals and outcomes for researchers at all levels of experience:

  • Create: Researchers will engage in the creation of new knowledge in order to participate in scholarly and creative conversations and ask new questions.
  • Discover: Researchers will identify methods and technologies appropriate to the scope and purpose of their research activities in order to extend their learning and scholarly reach.
  • Connect: Researchers will build community networks in order to expand the breadth and depth of their research and creative activities.

Suggest Technology & Software

The University Libraries provide access to technology and software to enable exploration and creation. If you would like us to consider a new technology or software please let us know.

Knowledge Production Team

Heng-Wei Cheng

Library Technician II
(702) 895-2163

Leah Howd

Design Lab Specialist
(702) 895-2217

RC Wonderly

Making & Innovation Specialist
(702) 895-2055

Halle Burns

Data Librarian & Instructor
(702) 895-7587

Thomas Padilla

Visiting Interim, Head, Knowledge Production
(702) 895-2046