Connect Off-Campus

Off-Campus Access

You must have an active ACE Account and a registered connection to UNLV secure or eduroam wifi on your personal device in order to access library materials while not on a computer at one of the library locations.

UNLV Secure or Eduroam Wireless
Please visit the UNLV Office of Information Technology website to learn how to set up one or both of these wifi networks on your personal device. An ACE Account is required.

  • These wifi networks are located in the Shadow Lane and 2040 West Charleston Blvd buildings.
  • When connected to these networks you are considered “on-campus” and no other steps need to be taken to connect to library resources.

Off-Campus Internet Network

If you are not on a computer in a campus building, or connected through UNLV secure or eduroam wireless, you are considered “off-campus” and must take extra steps to access resources. An ACE Account is required.

  • Visit the Health Sciences Library website or your favorite Research Guide.
  • Click on the link to a database, ebook, or other licensed tool.
  • Log in with your ACE Account when prompted.
  • Alternatively, you can generate proxied links to specific content and save them in a document or in your bookmarks bar. Click on a proxied link and you will be prompted to use your ACE Account to log in and be taken directly to the item.


There are several accounts or identifiers that you may find yourself needing in order to use the library effectively.

ACE Account

Your university-issued ACE Account will allow you access to databases and ebooks from off-campus, as well as allow you to print and log into the computers in the libraries.

Library Barcode

A library barcode is required to check out physical items from any of the UNLV libraries as well as register for Interlibrary Loan and document delivery services. If you do not have a UNLV-issued I.D. (i.e. RebelCard) you can request an electronic barcode by using the Library Barcode Registration Form. You must know your NSHE number..

Library Account

By signing into the library catalog system with your ACE Account (upper right corner), you can access information pertaining to your library activities; including seeing any fines you may have, a list of the physical items you have checked out, the ability to request renewals, and create favorite searches in Quick Search.

  Health Sciences Library

2040 W. Charleston Blvd
Suite #520
Las Vegas, NV


1001 Shadow Lane Building B
Room #308
Las Vegas, NV
(702) 895-0144

  Health Sciences Library

24/7 Access

Staffed Hours:
M-R 8 am-6 pm
F 8 am-5 pm

Access is via card for affiliates of UNLV on the Health Sciences Campus. Parking is available on the street or through arrangement with the School of Medicine.

  Information Commons

24/7 Access

Staffed Hours:
M-R 8 am-6 pm
F 8 am-5 pm

Access is via card for School of Medicine students, faculty and staff. Parking privileges are available via UNLV Parking Services.

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