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Quick Bibliography Tools

UNLV students, faculty and staff have free access to RefWorks, a web-based tool that lets you collect information about your sources and then automatically create in-text citations in your word processor and generate bibliographies.

If you only have a few citations, though, these web sites let you fill in forms to create a formatted citation fast.

  • BibMe - Quick and convenient! Enter a title of a book or journal article and it autocompletes and formats the citation. Free - create a login to save bibliographies.
  • StyleWizard - The APA Wizard takes you through a step-by-step citation creation process.
  • NoodleBib Express - Questionnaire will help you create accurate citations in MLA or APA style. Free; a subscription option lets you create a personal account and save notecards.
  • KnightCite Citation Maker - Quick form to fill out - no login, no ads, from Calvin College's Hekman Library. MLA, APA, Chicago style.
  • Son of Citation Machine - Select type of resource then fill out a form to create MLA, APA, Chicago style citations.
  • SourceAid: Create Bibliography with Citation Builder - Free version requires login. MLA, APA, Chicago Manual of Style, and Council of Science Editors.
  • EasyBib - MLA formatting - Enter citation information into a form and it generates MLA references. Free version available with option to upgrade to a version that formats in APA for a fee. Lots of advertising on the site.
  • Citing Wikipedia - How to cite Wikipedia entries in APA, MLA, and other styles, along with instructions on how to make Wikipedia create the citation for you automatically.
  • Government Documents - ASU DocsCite - DocsCite is a step-by-step web form for putting government publication citations into proper style format from Arizona State Univ. Libraries.