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Project Support Opportunities

UNLV University Libraries strives to preserve, protect, and promote the academic legacy of UNLV students and faculty, as well as the Southern Nevada region we document. There are many ways to give to the University Libraries and a variety of exciting projects to support including:

  1. Special Collections and Archives
    This Libraries department, which houses our Oral History Research Center and Center for Gaming Research, works to build world-class collections documenting Southern Nevada; foster discovery and access; safeguard collections for future generations; create new knowledge; and promote scholarship and lifelong learning.
  2. Latinx Voices of Southern Nevada
    A multi-generational oral history and community engagement project to collect and preserve the diverse history of the Latinx communities of Las Vegas and surrounding areas through the Oral History Research Center and Special Collections and Archives.
  3. Remembering 1 October
    A vital oral history project that is collecting and preserving first-hand testimonies from first responders, witnesses, and survivors.
  4. Honor With Books
    A $100 donation allows you to place the name(s) of a friend or loved one on one of our special digital bookplates. Whether it’s memorializing a friend or celebrating a graduation, birthday, retirement, or wedding, these are thoughtful gifts that support the libraries.
  5. Building Las Vegas
    A five-year project within Special Collections and Archives to collect, document, and preserve evidence of our city’s growth – from the dramatic changes in our urban skyline to the dense suburban tracts that now dot the edges of the desert.
  6. Teaching and Learning Projects
    Support our work to teach undergraduate students the best research practices, create graduate fellowships for studying our collections, conduct K-12 outreach to encourage teachers and students to use the library, and more.
Kelly McCarthy

Kelly McCarthy

Senior Director of Development
Maggie Farrell

Maggie Farrell

Dean of University Libraries