Dean’s Associates

All UNLV University Libraries’ donors who make a gift of $1,000+ on an ongoing, annual basis automatically become one of our Dean’s Associates. All UNLV University Libraries Advisory Board members are Dean’s Associates.

Dean’s Associates gifts are transformative for the library and have supported a number of significant projects including:

  • Special Collections and Archives internships for UNLV architecture graduate students
  • Teaching with mobile devices
  • Research Consultation Room
  • UNLV University Libraries Faculty Institutes
  • Enhancements for MusicArchitecture Studies, and Teacher Development & Resources Libraries

    All Dean’s Associates also receive an annual gift. This year’s gift is the updated edition of Las Vegas Then and Now, by Su Kim Chung, head of public services for Special Collections & Archives. This colorful, picture-filled, historical account details the evolution of Las Vegas and features many archival images from Special Collections & Archives. All Dean’s Associates also are invited to seasonal cocktail parties and an annual recognition event to celebrate their giving and learn about exciting initiatives the libraries are pursuing.

    Kelly McCarthy

    Director of Development