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Oral History of the Public School Principalship

The Oral History of the Public School Principalship is an ongoing project designed to interview retired elementary, middle, and high school principals for their views, reminiscences, and accumulated wisdom. Many of the interviewees are from the Southeast (mainly Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, District of Columbia, and West Virginia), with representative materials from Ohio, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Collection is ongoing in Nevada and the surrounding region.


Bibliotherapy Education Project

This project was born out of a series of discussions between Dr. McMillen and Dr. Pehrsson, who are both passionate about literature, learning and teaching. They share a rich professional background of experiences in mental health and health care. They have been collaborating on research, teaching, professional presentations, and grant writing since 1999. They believe in the enormous power of literature and stories as therapeutic tools. They are committed to assisting emerging and seasoned practitioners in the effective and competent use of literature with clients in therapy. They are also committed to facilitating readers' access to literature without creating a financial burden. This project is an ongoing effort to connect individuals with reading material that can promote personal and/or professional growth in these areas.