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ASL Faculty Photo Exhibition Changes Students’ Misconceptions

By econnections on March 8, 2013 10:57 AM | Permalink

In the world of academia, students often perceive their professors as mysterious and unapproachable. Now the Architecture Studies Library (ASL) is using an innovative new program to change that misconception. Through May 1, travel-themed photos taken by UNLV faculty will be displayed during the Faculty Photo Exhibition in the gallery inside the Paul B. Sogg Architecture Building.

Why travel photos? Because people tend to relate to these images and the stories that accompany them, according to Caroline Smith, head of the Architecture Studies Library. Smith thought the love of travel would create a unique opportunity for faculty to connect with students on a more personal level than what typically takes place in a classroom.

“They’re experiencing life through their own view finders, for good or bad,” Smith said. “To be able to relate that and share that back is an example of lifelong learning. Maybe there will be a connection. I think there are the same hurdles as in any lecture class. That’s the intimidation, and that’s natural. This will be a friendly, happy experience where everyone benefits.”

The idea came from the unique characteristics of the School of Architecture. Students and faculty in the fields of architecture, building and construction, urban planning, landscape architecture and interior design are all visual by nature.

“We hope the photos they share have special meaning for them,” Smith said. “What they’ve seen when they go into the world. This is an incredible visual program with people who are oriented to a very visual way of thinking. They have pictures – so many of them do. We see them on Facebook, so why not see them in the gallery?”

An excellent question indeed, and one that has now been answered in the affirmative.

Located in the Paul B. Sogg Architecture Building, the Architecture Studies Library provides access to resources and information about the professional fields of architecture, building and construction, urban planning, landscape architecture and interior design in support of the academic needs of the School of Architecture.