Group Study Room Reservations

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Reservable group study rooms

  • Some group study rooms are reservable by UNLV students (and faculty and staff CURRENTLY taking a course).
  • Some group study rooms are not reservable. These rooms are open and available to groups of three or more on a first-come, first-served basis.  Please note, rooms cannot be held for later group arrival.
  • No scheduled meetings or events may be held in the group study rooms.
  • Use of these rooms for commercial purposes is prohibited.

View the complete group meeting space policy.

Make a reservation

  • Select study rooms from the buttons below. Then log into the online system with an active ACE account when prompted.
    • Library staff cannot make or modify a reservation or provide reservation details.
  • Rooms are reserved beginning on the quarter hour (:00, :15, :30, :45).
  • Reservations are made for periods ranging from 1 to 3 hours.
  • Rooms are reserved up to two weeks in advance but users may have only one active reservation in the system at a time.
  • Groups have a 15-minute grace period before the space becomes available for other users.

Lied Library Rooms

Other campus libraries

NOTE: The student reserving the room MUST be present at time of use and will be held accountable for any policy violations, such as non-academic or commercial activities. (If someone uses your ACE account without your consent, please notify UNLV's Office of Information Technology (OIT) right away)

Reservable technology and equipment

Anatomage Anatomy Table

A virtual dissection table with life-size images of real cadaver samples that allows students to view anatomy and internal organs and body systems exactly as they would on an actual cadaver. Learn more about the Anatomy Table.

Technology equipment and laptops

Lied Library offers a variety of technology equipment and laptops for checkout including headphones, cameras, cords and chargers, VR headsets, scientific calculators, and more.

Assistive technology

Lied Library offers a variety of assistive technology devices for checkout including reading aids, QWERTY keyboards, track ball mouse, and more.

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