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Every month, Special Collections and Archives will highlight some of our newly processed collections. Here are some of the highlights for January.

Libraries Student Assistant Rashida Garcia works at the School of Medicine Library InfoCommons in fall 2022.

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Christina Miskey, Scholarly Communication Librarian for Research Infrastructure, and Carrie Tyler, Assistant Professor of Paleontology

Carrie Tyler, Assistant Professor of Pa

🕒 October 22, 2022

Digital Scholarship@UNLV, the university’s institutional repository, celebrated a milestone this year when we reached our 10 millionth download! The official milestone date was April 10, and while it’s difficult to tell which exact item was the 10 millionth download, we do know which items were downloaded on that date.

🕒 October 21, 2022
Jeanne Janish's tools and art supplies used for illustrations, such as the Flowers of the Southwest Desert example behind the art supplies (MS-00355 Jeanne Russell Janish Papers).
🕒 October 11, 2022

UNLV students and faculty are encouraged to annually review the University Libraries Licensed Electronic Resources Use G

🕒 October 5, 2022
Brayden Smith Memorial Group Study Room

Brayden Smith spent many hours tucked away in a group study room on the fifth floor of Lied Library – studying for classes, mentoring friends, watching political and legal lectures, and preparing for his law sc

🕒 October 4, 2022

The Libraries Research Impact Challenge returns with our second challenge, Oct.

🕒 October 4, 2022
Teen'tober Curated Book Display selections

Welcome to Teen'tober, where we spotlight young adult books and graphic novels that have won awards or are nominated for the Teens Top Ten booklist. The Teacher Development & Resources Library has a select

🕒 September 29, 2022

Students, faculty and staff can now read The New York Times online, The New York Times Book Review, and

🕒 September 26, 2022

UNLV Libraries is conducting a research study to understand how and where students, postdoctoral scholars, and academic faculty (including instructional, research, and library faculty) at

🕒 September 15, 2022
Images of book covers from the Celebrate your Right To Read Curated Book Display.

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