Latinx Voices: Laurents Bañuelos-Benitez

Laurents Bañuelos-Benitez
Laurents Bañuelos-Benitez

As the Latinx Voices of Southern Nevada project gets underway, this series highlights the UNLV students who are working as oral historians on this UNLV University Libraries Special Collections & Archives project.

Fans of KUNV Radio may recognize Laurents Bañuelos-Benitez's voice. The UNLV alumnus and current UNLV graduate student developed his first passion at UNLV while working at the campus radio station. Now as one of the students working on the Latinx Voices of Southern Nevada project in the University Libraries, Bañuelos is embracing his passion and…Read More

New from Digital Collections: Learn how to collect Twitter data by Miranda Barrie

Why We Archive: Preserving the stories of a community coming together By Miranda Barrie

Access the first tutorial in the 1 October Twitter Collection series.

On October 2, 2017 I woke up in Santiago, Chile to a notification that there had been a shooting in my hometown of Las Vegas. I opened the Twitter application and began scrolling through my timeline, looking for mentions of the size and scale of the shooting. I started to see the numbers of injured persons rise as I…Read More

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