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As well as profiles of employers, Vault Online Career Library contains occupational profiles for more than 50 career paths, and 40 industry overviews. It provides access to industry career guides, industry employer guides, career topic guides and interview/resume guides published in the Vault career library series. An extensive message board system allows users contact with others by career topic or industry.

Search tips:

  • To get an excellent guide to resumes, cover letters and interviewing, under download Vault guides select Career Topic Guides. Scroll down until you see Vault Guide to Resumes, Cover Letters, and Interviews and click on download default PDF version.
  • Under the tab Career Surveys, click on Vault Occupational Surveys. These surveys include job responsibilities, hiring/education requirements, career path, uppers, downers, lifestyle, compensation and advice for newcomers in a particular career path
  • Click on the gray bar near the top of the page under career advice and get over 1100 articles on topics ranging from work life, to industries and job search.

Where is it :

Go to the UNLV Libraries' home page. Under Find, select Articles, then under Article databases by name, click on the letter V and select Vault Online Career Library.

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