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North American Theatre Online includes 40,000-plus pages of cross-searchable reference texts in American theater, as well as images of posters, playbills, photos, architectural images, floor plans, and other ephemera. This collection also allows cross-searching of the full-text contents of five online full-text drama collections: Black Drama, Twentieth Century North American Drama, Asian American Drama, Latino Literature, and North American Women's Drama. These collections include over 30,000 plays.

Search tips:

  • To search for plays, under Search on the gray bar on the left hand side of the page click on plays. If you know the title of the play you want, enter it under Play title and click on Search. This will bring you to the entire play. It is also possible to search by various criteria such as playwright and year written.

  • To find reference materials about plays and playwrights, under Search on the gray bar on the left hand side of the page click on Resources and Reference. If you search under Words in full-text, you will have the broadest search with the most retrieval, as it searches the text of all the reference works for your key words.

  • The navigation bars, which appear on the side of the home page and at the top of every other page, are divided into the following Tables of Contents, all of which provide quick access to specific documents within the database:

    • All Works - list of all volumes and web collections in the database.
    • Awards - list of all people and plays in the database that have won awards.
    • Characters - list of all characters appearing in plays in the database.
    • Companies - list of production companies in the database.
    • People - list of every major author, actor, director, producer, and production staff in the database.
    • Places - list of production companies, theatres, and productions in the database by location.
    • Plays - list of every play in the database.
    • Productions - list of all productions in the database.
    • Reference - list of texts (chapters, profiles, etc.) in the database.
    • Resources - list of all posters, playbills, photographs, book jackets, etc., in the database.
    • Theatres - list of all theatres contained in the database.
    • Theatrical Companies - list of all theatrical companies in the database.
    • Subjects - selective list of key subjects and the plays and scenes in which you'll find them.

Where is it :

Go to the UNLV Libraries' home page. Under Find, select Articles, then under Article databases by name, click on the letter N and select North American Theatre Online.

Quick link:

Click here for the North American Theatre Online homepage


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