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Learning Express Library provides an interactive online learning platform of practice tests and tutorial course series designed to help you succeed on academic or licensing tests. You'll get immediate scoring, complete answer explanations, and an individualized analysis of your results. It also contains a career building section with tutorials on creating resumes and cover letters.

Search tips:

  • Establish an account your first time. This creates your own space in Learning Express Library to save your results, continue a test you haven’t finished, and explore other resources.
  • You can practice each test more than once, but the questions do not change. Each test varies in length and time—from 20 to 130 questions and from 30 to 120 minutes. Clicking on the name of the test will provide a description of the test, test topics, and the number of questions and estimated time.
  • Uncompleted tests are saved for up to 30 days before Learning Express Library deletes them. If you do not finish your test within the 30 day period, you can always go back and start it over.

Where is it :

Go to the UNLV Libraries' home page. Under Find, select Articles, then under Article databases by name, click on the letter L and select Learning Express Library.

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