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A source for quantitative indicators of American history, this database of almost 2000 tables covers nearly every quantifiable dimension in American history, including population, work and welfare, and international relations from the earliest times to the present.

The data series in Historical Statistics of the United States do not have a uniform end date; instead, each table reports the data available at the time the contributor compiled the data. In many cases, additional data can be found in the source documents, in references mentioned in the table documentation or chapter essays, and through the internet sites of the groups or agencies noted in the sources for the data presented here.

Because of limitations of space, data are generally not shown for regions, states, or localities. The underlying sources sometimes provide data in finer geographical detail than shown.

Search tips:

  • Use the Search tab to view simple and advanced searching features. The simple search retrieves essays and tables relevant to the search keywords from all the parts of Historical Statistics. The advanced search allows you to narrow the search by specific criteria like a part or chapter, or to search only for essays or only for tables. If you are only interested in tables, make sure to click limit the search to tables.

  • Many tables in Historical Statistics are very wide, so they have been divided up into several 'pages'. Using Jump By enables you to navigate across a table without viewing each screen/page of the table. Select how many series you want to jump by, and click the   .  You can also use the Jump To feature.  This allows you to select a series identifier from a drop down menu and go directly to that series. 

    Some tables contain many columns and/or rows of blank cells, where data weren't available and/or collected for all the years presented in the table. The Next Cell With Value feature links you directly to the next table cell in a row that is not blank – just click on the name of the series that appears in the Next Cell With Value column.

  • On a table, click Download in Excel in the right pane, or click on the Actions drop-down menu to the left and select the Download Table option. This will display settings/options in the left pane for downloading a table to your computer in Excel or comma-separated value format.  There are several options available to use in downloading the tables.

Where is it :

Go to the UNLV Libraries' home page. Under Find, select Articles, then under Article databases by name, click on the letter Hand select Historical Statistics of the United States.

Quick link:

Click here for Historical Statistics of the United States homepage


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