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A searchable database of full-text research reports on the latest issues in business management and U.S. and global economics. Proprietary, nonbiased research includes studies of Fortune 500 companies on business trends, leadership decisions, performance excellence, corporate governance, HR, productivity, CRM, and more. Economics material includes topline U.S. and global economic indicators, and analysis and forecasts of U.S. and international economic conditions by the Conference Board's chief economist.

Search tips:

  • Enclose search words in "double quotes" or separate words with: AND, OR, AND NOT. For example:
    • sustainable AND development or "sustainable development" matches both words.
    • Economy OR Economics will match either of the words.
    • Internet AND NOT html will match the first word but exclude results where it is associated with the second word.

  • To print one or more pages from a Conference Board publication, click on the Print button in the Acrobat toolbar. Acrobat launches a print options dialog box. For best results, check the boxes next to "Print as image" and "Fit to page." To minimize printing time, be sure to specify which pages to print; otherwise the entire report will be printed, which could be very time consuming.

  • Use an asterisk to replace any number of characters. Example: A search for inte* would find INTEGRAL, INTEGRITY, and INTERWOVEN.

    Use a question mark as a single character wild card. Example: A search for ?ar?et would find CARPET and TARGET.

Where is it :

Go to the UNLV Libraries' home page. Under Find, select Articles, then under Article databases by name, click on the letter C and select Conference Board Research.

Quick link:

Click here for the Conference Board Research homepage

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