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Earthscape is a large digital library of earth science material, covering ecology, environmental science, physical geography, geology, meteorology, oceanography, and paleontology. It is an interdisciplinary resource that connects the earth and environmental sciences with their social, political, and economic dimensions through books, articles, papers, lectures, images, videos, syllabi, and case studies.

Material is organized into four categories:

  1. Teaching
  2. Learning
  3. Research
  4. Policy

These categories may be searched separately or all together.

Search tips:

  • When using the simple search function:

    • To search for two or more terms, enter them in the search field without commas or quotes. (For example; a search for habitat destruction will produce resources on the word habitat, resources on the word destruction, or documents with both terms).

    • To search for documents that must include both words, but in any order and not necessarily as a single phrase, enter them in the search field separated by a plus sign (For example; +habitat+destruction).

    • To search for a phrase, or a term made up of more than one word, enter it in the search field in quotes (For example; "environmental sustainability index").

  • When using the advanced search function, you can narrow your search results using the options 'should contain,' 'must contain,' or 'must not contain' (equivalent to the boolean AND, OR, and NOT, respectively).

    • Selecting 'must contain' from the pull down menu and typing search terms will return only documents with the chosen subject term in the text or the title.

    • Selecting 'should contain' from the pull down menu and typing search terms will return documents that may or may not have the search term.

    • Selecting 'must not contain' from the pull down menu and entering terms will return documents that do not have the search term.

  • In the search results, by default you will see the most relevant resources first, at the top of the list. Each search result includes the title of the resource, the first few lines of text, and the date of first publication. The individual author or contributing institution will also appear if available, along with the subject, as designated by the Earthscape editors.

    For a quicker review of search results, click on 'Hide Summaries.' You will see only the titles that match your search criteria. The title of each search result listing is a link. Simply click on that link to reach the full-text of the article. To go back to the search results, use your browser's back button.

Where is it :

Go to the UNLV Libraries' home page. Under Find, select Articles, then under Article databases by name, click on the letter C and select Columbia Earthscape.

Quick link:

Click here for the Columbia Earthscape homepage

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