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BioOne is a collaborative effort among scientific societies, libraries, the commercial sector, and academe to provide online access to high-impact journals in biology, ecology, and environmental sciences. Most of the content is published by small societies and non-commercial publishers and hasn’t previously been available electronically.  As of July, 2005, there were 81 journals available, with coverage from the year 2000 forward. It is possible to browse individual titles or search all of the journals at once.

Search tips:

  • Enter a search term (or terms) in the search boxes. You may enter terms in more than one field (such as Title: Reaction and Last Name: Miller), and/or several terms in each field. Pull down the menu next to each field and select how the multiple terms you entered in that field should be combined while searching. To narrow your search, enter terms in more than one field. For example: if an author publishes under first name either William or Bill, select with any of the words from the drop down menu and enter both names into the search box.

  • The percent wildcard (%) specifies that any characters can appear in multiple positions represented by the wildcard. The symbol can be used for either right or left truncation. For example radio% will return radiometer, radiometric, etc. The underscore wildcard ( _ ) specifies a single position in which any character can occur. For example _ing will return sing, king, wing, etc.

  • Use the stem ($) operator to search for terms that have the same linguistic root as the query term. For example $measure retrieves measure, measured, measurement, measuring, etc. and $reflect retrieves reflect, reflected, reflecting, reflection, etc.

Where is it :

Go to the UNLV Libraries' home page. Under Find, select Articles, then under Article databases by name, click on the letter B and select BioOne.

Quick link:

Click for BioOne homepage


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