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Presentation at OASIS conference (Reno, NV)

By Cory Lampert on March 20, 2007 9:52 AM | Permalink
On Friday, March 23 I will be participating in a panel discussion at the OASIS 2007 Conference at the Siena Hotel in Reno, NV. The title of the panel is: Museums, Libraries, and Archives in a Digital World. From the program:
What digital projects exist in Nevada and can we transform our ‘silos’ of information into an accessible Nevada Digital Library and Archives? Join Jeff Kintop, Glee Willis, Cory Lampert and Peter Michel to discuss these topics as well as standards for imaging, metadata, cataloging and indexing, and copyright issues of images, photographs, documents, newspapers and other publications.
This will be a nice opportunity to "take the pulse" on what is occuring state-wide in relation to digitization intiatives and future collaborations. I will be travelling with UNLV'S Director of Special Collections, Peter Michel and I am looking forward to seeing my counterpart; the wonderful Glee Willis, Digital Projects Librarian at the University of Nevada Reno. Jeff Kintop is the State Archive Manager at the Nevada State Library and Archives and I look forward to meeting him as well. Unfortunately, my usual fear of flying is just about kicking my excitement will be tempered with a nice dose of dread until we are back on terra firma in Las Vegas.


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