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Digitization Projects at UNLV Libraries

Thoughts from ALA: the happiest conference on earth?

By Cory Lampert on July 3, 2008 4:57 PM | Permalink
Well, maybe not everyone agrees...but since my lodging was within a stone's throw of Disneyland and I could hear the screams from the roller coaster from my hotel patio, there was a certain added thrill to the 2008 ALA Annual Conference in Anaheim. So how was this year's conference and what did I accomplish in my four days? Lots of running around looking for conference rooms (anyone else find the Disneyland Hotel a total nightmare?), lots of vendors in the exhibits hawking their schwag, and fun times reconnecting with librarians from far and wide.

Conference Report from LITA Forum 2007

By Cory Lampert on October 9, 2007 10:40 AM | Permalink
This was the first LITA Forum I have attended and overall I found the size and programming of the conference to be good. There were two preconferences, which I did not attend, but I went to a variety of sessions that deserve to be highlighted here. DAY ONE Opening General Session: The Scientific and Social Challenges of Global Warming by Jeffrey Kiehl of the National Center for Atmospheric Research Apparently LITA has a tradition of booking a local speaker to open the conference, and despite the gloomy subject this was an interesting talk. What made it special was that Mr. Kiehl not only spoke about the science of global warming, but also about the communication of the scientific data and how the way we present information can determine whether or not it has impact. He encouraged everyone in the audience to think about their own "personal global warming" story as a means of combating the apathy, numbness, and denial, that often meet scientific news on climate change. David and Goliath Take on Social Tools by Genny Engle and Michelle Boule

CONTENTdm Western User Group Meeting, July 23-24, 2007

By Cory Lampert on July 12, 2007 8:49 AM | Permalink
The first ever CONTENTdm Western Users Group Meeting is scheduled for July 23-24 at Reed College in Portland, OR. Although users of the software meet annually at ALA conferences, this two-day meeting was arranged in response to the overwhelming desire of CONTENTdm users to have more time to get together and talk about their experiences, challenges, and successes building CONTENTdm digital collections. The agenda for the meeting includes topics such as: All Things Metadata, Customizations, Multi-state/Partner Collaborations, and Publicizing Collections. I will be participating in a panel discussion on Workflow Models with Eric Luhrs of Lafayette College and Joanna Burgess of Reed College. The event is sponsored by OCLC Western and the organizers have set up a Western Users Group Wiki with the agenda, speaker information, and logistics for attendees.

Notes from ALA 2007

By Cory Lampert on June 28, 2007 7:35 AM | Permalink
The American Library Association Annual Conference took place this past weekend in Washington, DC. I attended a variety of sessions, presentations, discussions, and social events which I'll sum up in this list of 10 Notable ALA 2007 Moments: 1. I got to meet Nancy Pearl during a quiet moment at the Exhibits. She signed my copy of More Book Lust and chatted with me for a while. Love her! 2. The LITA Building the Next Generation Public Library Web Site with Drupal Session was packed to the gills and worth the squeeze. I have never actually been inspired by a web site before! Great contagious enthusiasm from the Ann Arbor District Library. 3. Delicious, amazing food, mojitos, and desserts at Zengo DC. (I know Asian-Mexican fusion sounds weird...but trust me it worked!)

Challenges in Imaging

By Cory Lampert on May 8, 2007 8:39 AM | Permalink
I just returned from the School for Scanning 2007 in Minneapolis and was bombarded with a ton of information during the three days. One of the most interesting breakout sessions was with Franziska Frey from the Rochester Institute of Technology. In addition to discussing the changes in photography practice in recent times, Frey also discussed the imaging challenges that arise when digitization programs are confronted with an increasing amount of born digital materials. This issue has started to come up here at UNLV, with questions directed to me asking what resolution something should be scanned at so that a donor can deposit a digital copy of their materials in Special Collections. Our Campus Photo Services staff have noted a drastic drop in darkroom processing requests from campus, and nationwide there are fewer new photographers learning these traditional developing skills. Now that film is no longer being as widely manufactured, and photographic paper and chemicals are starting to disappear this kind of question will only come up more often.

Presentation at OASIS conference (Reno, NV)

By Cory Lampert on March 20, 2007 9:52 AM | Permalink
On Friday, March 23 I will be participating in a panel discussion at the OASIS 2007 Conference at the Siena Hotel in Reno, NV. The title of the panel is: Museums, Libraries, and Archives in a Digital World. From the program:
What digital projects exist in Nevada and can we transform our ‘silos’ of information into an accessible Nevada Digital Library and Archives? Join Jeff Kintop, Glee Willis, Cory Lampert and Peter Michel to discuss these topics as well as standards for imaging, metadata, cataloging and indexing, and copyright issues of images, photographs, documents, newspapers and other publications.
This will be a nice opportunity to "take the pulse" on what is occuring state-wide in relation to digitization intiatives and future collaborations. I will be travelling with UNLV'S Director of Special Collections, Peter Michel and I am looking forward to seeing my counterpart; the wonderful Glee Willis, Digital Projects Librarian at the University of Nevada Reno. Jeff Kintop is the State Archive Manager at the Nevada State Library and Archives and I look forward to meeting him as well.

ALA Midwinter Report

By Cory Lampert on January 25, 2007 7:49 AM | Permalink
I've just returned from a trip to Seattle for the ALA Midwinter Conference. In addition to having some great coffee and enjoying the beautiful views of the Cascades, I also attended some very interesting programs and meetings. Some of the highlights included: New Members Roundtable Meet & Greet, Orientation, All Committees Meeting and Social Hour where I was able to talk with other new librarians from all over the country. During introductions, I was often struck by how many attendees were working as digital projects librarians or on some aspect of digital libraries. This was encouraging and made it particularly fun to network.