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UNLV Gaming Podcast 89: Brian Nussbaum

By David G. Schwartz on January 15, 2019 5:13 PM | Permalink

Just posted on the Podcasts page:

89-January 15, 2019
Brian Nussbam
"Protecting Critical Infrastructure: Lessons From the Gaming Industry"
In this January 15, 2019 Colloquium Talk, Nussbaum explores what other industries might learn from security and surveillance efforts in the gaming industry, and vice versa. He investigates both physical and cyber security challenges that the gaming industry has faced over the past 40 years.

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UNLV Gaming Podcast 88: Tim Simpson

By David G. Schwartz on July 6, 2018 3:54 PM | Permalink

The latest UNLV Gaming Podcast has been posted:

88-July 6, 2018
Tim Simpson
"From Casino Wars to Casino Capitalism: Sovereignty and Gaming in Macau"
In this July 6, 2018 Colloquium Talk, Simpson discusses how the former Portuguese city-state, and now Chinese Special Administrative Region, of Macau has been transformed into the world’s most lucrative site of casino gaming, with annual revenues five times greater than those produced on the Las Vegas Strip. He positions Macau’s contemporary gaming industry within the city’s 500 year history as a Portuguese territory, and its crucial role in two eras of global capitalism: capitalism’s origins in European maritime trade, and its current guise in China’s emergent market-socialist regime and analyzes the productive role of Macau’s ambiguous sovereignty in the city’s casino industry, and the city’s function in the development of Chinese capitalism.

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UNLV Gaming Podcast 87: Michelle Malkin

By David G. Schwartz on June 8, 2018 3:56 PM | Permalink

Just uploaded on the Podcast page:

87-June 8, 2018
Michelle Malkin
“Gender and Gambling Motivated Crime”
In this June 8, 2018 Colloquium Talk, Malkin examines the social, economic, and legal consequences of problem gamblers, with a focus on gender. Starting with an exploration of problem and women's gambling in history, she analyzes how the approaches to possible criminal consequences of gambling motivated crime challenge traditional criminal justice assumptions about gender and crime.

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UNLV Gaming Podcast 84: Kim Manh

By David G. Schwartz on December 13, 2017 5:38 PM | Permalink

Just posted to the Podcast page:

84-December 13,2017
Kim Manh
"The Determinants of Gaming Policy Diffusion and Expansion"
In this December 13, 2017 Colloquium Talk, Manh builds on current policy diffusion literature to disucss the evolution of gaming policy adoption for both commercial and tribal jrusidictions.

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UNLV Gaming Podcast 83: Colleen O'Neill

By David G. Schwartz on October 20, 2017 3:07 PM | Permalink

Just posted on the Podcast page:

83-October 20, 2017
Colleen O'Neill
"Jobs and American Indian Sovereignty: The Challenge of Gaming"
In this October 20, 2017 Colloquium Talk, O'Neill discusses the conflicy between labor unions and Native American tribes over the issue of Indian gaming and labor in 1990s California.

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UNLV Gaming Podcast 81: Kelli Wood

By David G. Schwartz on August 4, 2017 5:11 PM | Permalink

The latest UNLV Gaming Podcast has been uploaded:

81-August 4, 2017
Kelli Wood
“A History of Play in Print: Paper Games from Cards to Candyland”
In this August 4, 2017 Colloquium Tlak, Wood considers the history of printed games, focusing her discussion on two printers, Milton Bradley of 19th century America and Giovanni Antonio de Paoli of 16th century Rome.

Listen to the audio file (mp3)

UNLV Gaming Podcast 78: Jessalyn R. Strauss

By David G. Schwartz on January 26, 2017 10:49 AM | Permalink

Just uploaded: the latest UNLV Gaming Podcast. A must for anyone who is curious about casino public relations:

78-January 26, 2017
Jessalyn R. Strauss
“Promoting Las Vegas: Stories and Strategies of Casino Press Releases”
In this January 25, 2017 Colloquium Talk, Strauss discusses how casino press releases reflected the efoorts of PR professionals to secure coverage for their organizations.

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