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Updated: 5 Nevada Reports (August 2018)

By David G. Schwartz on September 27, 2018 4:16 PM | Permalink

Now with August 2018 data:

Nevada Gaming Statistics: The Last Six Months 
Recent Trends for Casino Revenues, March to August 2018

Nevada Gaming Statistics: August Historical Comparison 
Statewide, Las Vegas Strip, Downtown Las Vegas, Boulder Strip, and Washoe County figures for the month of August, 2009-2018

Nevada Table Games: Historical Hold Percentage Variations
Annual hold percentage averages, with monthly maximum and minimums, 2004-18

Nevada Slot Machines: Historical Hold Percentage Variations
Annual and Monthly Hold Percentages, 2004-2018

Nevada Poker, 2004-2018
An Analysis of Monthly Statewide Results

New Occasional Paper: Kelli Wood, A History of Play in Print

By David G. Schwartz on September 20, 2018 5:19 PM | Permalink

Just posted on the Papers page:

Paper 44: September 2018
Kelli Wood. "A History of Play in Print: Board Games from the Renaissance to Milton Bradley."

This essay considers how a historical legacy of printed games dating back to the sixteenth century in Italy laid the foundation for modern board games like those produced by Milton Bradley. The technology of print and the broad publics it reached enabled the spread of a common gaming culture- one built upon shared visual structures in game boards. Modern board games, of course, relied upon similar rules and replicated the ludic functions of their Renaissance progenitors. But perhaps more importantly, they built upon and perpetuated entrenched narratives about how fortune and morality contributed to lived experiences, presenting their viewers and players with a familiar printed imagination of the game of life.

View the paper here (pdf)

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