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New: Jonathan Cohen's "State Lotteries and the New American Dream"

By David G. Schwartz on February 9, 2016 11:16 AM | Permalink

A new Occasional Paper has been posted:

Paper 33: February 2016
Jonathan D. Cohen. "State Lotteries and the New American Dream"

ABSTRACT: This paper analyzes state lotteries in the economic and cultural context of the late twentieth century. As access to traditional meritocratic advancement declined, many Americans perceived lotteries as new means of attaining increasingly elusive upward mobility. Their turn to lotteries was facilitated by grassroots coalitions as well as lottery advertisers who claimed lotteries as effective means of making money. The relationship of lotteries and social mobility reveals the full implications of lottery playing in the United States and the reasons this form of gambling has assumed new importance as providing access to the American Dream.

View the paper here (pdf)

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