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UNLV Gaming Podcast 72: Danielle Seid

By David G. Schwartz on December 21, 2015 4:20 PM | Permalink

Just posted! The latest UNLV Gaming Podcast, featuring Eadginton Fellow Danielle Seid:

72-December 21, 2015
Danielle Seid
“Forgotten Femmes, Forgotten War: The Kim Sisters’ Dis-Appearance from American Screen and Scene"
In this December 21, 2015, Gaming Research Colloquium talk, Seid explores the complicated legacy of popular Korean-American girl group the Kim Sisters, a mainstay in Las Vegas for many years.

Listen to the audio file (mp3)

View the flyer (pdf)

New: Nevada Casino Departmental Income, 2004-2014

By David G. Schwartz on December 8, 2015 12:55 PM | Permalink

We have just posted a new report:

Nevada Casino Departmental Income, 2004-2014 
Percentages and Totals for Selected Reporting Areas

Executive Summary
Several CGR reports detail revenues for various aspects of the Nevada gaming industry. This report adds
another dimension by detailing the departmental and net income figures for Nevada casinos. The
departmental income numbers aren’t “profit” because a number of expenses (including utilities, taxes,
corporate payroll, and interest) remain.

For the state as a whole, the rooms department has historically had the highest margin, followed by
the casino, “other,” beverage, and, barely breaking even in some years, food departments. Outside of
the “big” Las Vegas Strip casinos (those with annual gaming revenue >$72 million), food departments
typically post annual departmental losses.

UNLV Gaming Podcast 71: Jonathan Cohen

By David G. Schwartz on December 3, 2015 4:48 PM | Permalink

The latest UNLV Gaming Podcast has just been posted here and in iTunes

71-December 3, 2015
Jonathan Cohen
"'This Could Be Your Ticket Out': Social Mobility in the Age of Jackpot Capitalism"
In this December 3, 2015, Gaming Research Colloquium talk, Cohen considers the emergence of states lotteries in the economic and cultural context of the late 20th century.

Listen to the audio file (mp3)

View the flyer (pdf)

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