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By David G. Schwartz on July 14, 2015 4:48 PM | Permalink

Today, the latest book by the UNLV Gaming Press was made available. It is On the Frontiline in Macao: Casino Employees, Informal Learning, & Customer Service by Macao Polytechnic Institute professor Carlos Siu Lam.

The book's description:

Macao is a large and vibrant casino market that continues to lead the world in gaming revenues. Tables games dominate Macao gambling, which means that frontline employees—casino dealers—have an even more central role than they do in other jurisdictions. In this study, Carlos Siu Lam investigates the role of informal learning processes in customer service. Four themes emerge: the importance of informal learning to frontline employees and casinos; experiences and processes encountered by frontline employees in their informal learning activities; how informal learning is acquired and shared by frontline employees; and the how casino management manages frontline employees.

Based on 49 interviews with frontline employees of six Macao casinos, On the Frontline in Macao is the most exhaustive study of Asian casino employees published in English to date. While it is sure to be valuable to those with an academic interest in Macao gaming, it has relevance to the industry as well: at the end of the book, twelve propositions and nine recommendations for practice explain to casino professionals just how they can utilize the author’s findings to improve their management.

You can learn more about the book and read an excerpt on its page

The book is currently available from Amazon and CreateSpace. It will be available in extended distribution channels soon, and, if interest merits it, an ebook will be published on the major platforms.


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