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Paper: Stefan Al, Casino Architecture Wars

By David G. Schwartz on October 30, 2014 10:44 AM | Permalink

The latest in the Center's Occasional Paper Series has been posted:

Paper 30: October 2014
Stefan Al: "Casino Architecture Wars: A History of How Las Vegas Developers Compete with Architectural Design"

ABSTRACT: This paper explores how Las Vegas casino developers have competed with architectural design. Throughout history, they emphasized different elements of the casino complex. This paper will examine three of the most heated wars that occurred between casinos over such elements: the swimming pool wars of the 1950s, the sign wars of the 1960s, and the porte cochère wars of the 1970s. This paper argues how, in the face of competition, each of these elements evolved into truly unique forms that differed greatly from other places. In its relentless pursuit to attract visitors, Las Vegas lay on the forefront of architectural experimentation.

View the paper here (pdf)

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