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New: Nevada Statewide Table Game Mix

By David G. Schwartz on September 19, 2014 10:55 AM | Permalink

Just posted! A very thorough statistical look at how table gamingi in Nevada has changed since 1985:

Statewide Nevada Table Mix 
The Evolution of Casino Games--Revenue and Unit Share,1985-2013

Here is the executive summary:

Over the past twenty-five years, there has been a considerable realignment of aggregate table game mix
in Nevada.

  • Twenty-One (blackjack) has declined in both terms of units and revenue. In 1985, 81% of casino games were blackjack. In 2013, just over 55% were. In 1985, the game accounted for over hallf of all table game revenues: in 2013, it accounted for 27% of table win.
  • Craps has declined remarkably as a money-maker for casinos. In 1985, it generated nearly 27% of all table win. In 2013, it contributed about 9% to total table win.
  • Roulette has increased both its revenue share and unit share by about 50%
  • Baccarat has spectacularly increased its win share in the past several years, out earning blackjack since 2010. Its unit share has grown proportionately with its revenue gain.
  • Other games, including mini-baccarat, three card poker, and pai gow poker, have increased both their revenue share and their unit share.

These changes have impacted the ways that casinos operate, and should be taken into consideration by
both students of casino management and those interested in monitoring casino financial performance
over both the short and long terms. The increased reliance on baccarat, a more volatile game, has led to
greater variance in reported field results for both individual properties and the Strip as a whole

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