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New: United States Commercial Casino Revenues. 2001-13

By David G. Schwartz on April 24, 2014 10:42 AM | Permalink

I've gotten an increasing number of questions about whether the national gaming market is saturated, and I figured that the best way to answer it was to get as much data as I could. Here is the result:

United States Commercial Casino Revenues 
States with Commercial and Racetrack Casinos, 2001-13
This report tracks the annual calendar year revenue totals for all commercial casinos states since 2001, with the addition of slot revenues from Connecticut’s tribal casinos.

Where possible, I got state data for calendar years; for the few states where that data was not available, I used the American Gaming Association's State of the States reports. 

I hope that this report is a good reference for those seeking to understand how individual states and the nation as a whole have fared with gaming revenues since 2001. I've certainly learned a few things from working on it.

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