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Two New Reports: March Nevada Gaming Summary, 6-Month Summary

By David G. Schwartz on May 10, 2012 12:11 PM | Permalink
Since Nevada's monthly Gaming Revenue Report came out this morning, I've been busy putting together the reports that put the numbers into context:

Nevada Gaming Statistics: March Comparison Current Month
Statewide, Las Vegas Strip, Downtown Las Vegas, Washoe County, and Boulder Strip figures for the month of March, 2004-2012 

Here's the first part of the executive summary:

March 2012 was not a good month for Nevada gaming. It wasn't an awful month, but most reporting areas posted declines in gaming revenue, despite some strengths.

 Statewide, this was an off month by nearly any measure: a double-digit decline in overall revenues, a drop in slot win, and a nearly one-fifth slide in table revenues. Much, though not all, of the table decline can be blamed on poor baccarat results from the Strip (see below), as other key reporting areas had small increases in table revenue. 

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I've updated the 6-Month report as well:
Nevada Gaming Statistics: The Last Six Months Updated May 2012
Recent Trends for Casino Revenues, October 2011 to March 2012 

Between the two, you should get a good read on what the March numbers mean. Many questions, to be sure.


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