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New Paper: Lynn Gidluck, Cross-National Gambling Revenue Expenditures

By David G. Schwartz on April 11, 2012 3:43 PM | Permalink
I have just posted the 16th in the Center's Occasional Paper Series:

Paper 16: April 2012
Lynn Gidluck. "Halos, Alibis and Community Development: A Cross National Comparison of How Governments Spend Revenue from Gambling"
ABSTRACT: This paper provides a cross-national comparison of how governments around the world distribute revenues from state-directed gambling and how these choices have been justified by proponents and vilified by critics. Case studies where governments have popularized gambling expansion by "earmarking" revenues for particular good causes and where the state has collaborated with the voluntary sector to deliver programs from this revenue stream are examined. Lessons learned from challenges of various approaches are considered.
Keywords: lotteries, gambling, granting programs, comparative public policy
View the paper here (pdf)

It's a great paper that explores many facets of where the money goes. You can also listen to Gidluck's Colloquium series lecture here

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