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Updated Report: Atlantic City Gaming Revenues,1978-201

By David G. Schwartz on March 22, 2012 3:15 PM | Permalink
I've just updated the Atlantic City historical revenue report. It's not pretty reading, particularly for a native of the town, but it needed to be done. Here's the executive summary and link:

Atlantic City casino revenue has fallen by more than 36% since 2006.  Yet there are deeper challenges than just the recent drop.  Since the mid-1980s, table revenues have been stagnant; adjusting for inflation, they've seen a large decline.  Slot gaming has historically been more robust, and its current  decline, which predates the recession, is cause for concern.  
Unlike Nevada, which in 2010 reversed its recessionary decline, Atlantic City shows no sign of reversing  its current losing streak.The following trends were most noteworthy:
• From 1978-1985, Atlantic City gaming saw rapid growth, with average growth rates of 55.07% 
(total), 57.39% (slot) and 53.15% (table) per year.
• From 1986-2006, the industry grew less impressively, with average growth rates of 4.37% 
(total), 1.55% (slot) and 6.21% (table) per year.
• From 2007 to 2011, the industry has seen average decline rates of -8.62% (total), -9.27 % (slot) 
and -6.97% (table) per year.
• Since 1984, slots have out-earned tables in Atlantic City.
• Slots increased their revenue share from 1980 to 2002; since then, table games have slightly 
increased their revenue share

Atlantic City Gaming Revenue Updated March 2012
Statistics for Casino, Slot, and Table Win, 1978-2011 


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