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New Paper: The History of Baccarat

By David G. Schwartz on June 1, 2010 11:30 AM | Permalink
The latest entry in the Center's Occasional Paper Series has been posted:

Paper 03: May 2010

Theodore Whiting. "The History of Baccarat," Occasional Paper Series 3. Las Vegas: Center for Gaming Research, University Libraries, University of Nevada Las Vegas, 2010.

Abstract: The true origins of modern Baccarat are probably lost to history.  The first time the game Baccarat (spelled Baccara) was mentioned in print by a contemporary observer was in the early 19th century.  The written record that would document the origins and evolution of the game is, unfortunately, incomplete.  However, a close examination of the available material reveals some interesting facts surrounding the history of Baccarat, including a much earlier date for its arrival in the United States, that validates its continuing study.

Keywords: casino games, baccarat, game history

View the paper here (pdf)

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