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UNLV Gaming Podcast #20: Theodor Gordon

By David G. Schwartz on April 30, 2010 2:01 PM | Permalink





New podcast up: April's Gaming Research fellow, Theodor Gordon, gives a talk on tribal sovereignty and labor relations at tribal casinos.  It's a great summary of Indian gaming history with plenty of detail about current labor issues.  Here's the abstract:

The impact of tribal casinos on job creation is well documented.  However, the increasing employment of non-Indians in tribal casinos creates new cultural and political challenges.  What unique workplace anxieties emerge in a tribal casino? How might new tribal labor regulations impinge on tribal self-determination? In this talk, I address these questions through a systematic examination of tribal casino trade publications. By analyzing the language (especially the symbols and metaphors) mobilized by industry insiders as they disseminate strategies to mitigate these challenges, I demonstrate how recent developments in tribal labor relations reflect broader shifts in the boundaries of tribal self-determination.









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