Subscription Cancellation Project 2014

The UNLV Libraries needs to increase the base collections budget every year to offset inflation and maintain our journal and database subscriptions at their existing levels.  Campus administration has pledged to fund collections inflation starting in the next biennium, but until then we face a budget deficit and need to cut our collections expenditures by approximately $650,000 in the fiscal year 2014/2015.

Our aim is to minimize the impact of these cuts by reducing book acquisitions and cancelling subscriptions to journals and databases. UNLV Libraries’ collections staff continuously monitors use of the collection and has identified a set of journals and databases that have a high cost per use and/or duplicate content available from other sources. To ensure that the best possible decisions are made in this difficult environment, we need your feedback.   Remember, these are potential cancellations and the appearance of a title does not mean it will definitely be cancelled – your input will be critical in deciding which of the targeted journals to remove from the list.

The review lists are available as excel spreadsheets and to facilitate ease of review we have separated out the formats, databases and journals. For more instructions on ranking and completing the review, please see How Do I Participate. An FAQ is also available that addresses several questions relating to the review.

All feedback should be submitted by April 25th 2014. If you need additional information or have concerns that you would like to share please contact:

Cory Tucker, Head of Collection Management
Phone: 702-895-2133
Subject Liaison Librarian for your discipline

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