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Guidelines for Acceptance of Gift Monies for the University Libraries

Gift monies may be designated either for a specific purpose or as unrestricted funds for the collection. Memorials, donations without restrictions for the purchase library resources, and funds to establish endowments that generate interest to be used to purchase materials are examples of the type of supplemental funding the University Libraries may receive. Unrestricted gifts are especially encouraged as they provide much needed flexibility in responding to changing needs for information as UNLV grows and new programs are added.

Memorials may be made in memory of an individual or group. Due to the average cost of acquiring new books and the cost to process a book, memorial gifts must be a minimum of $100. Gifts of less than $100 that are designated for purchase of library materials are gratefully accepted and will be spent at the library's discretion.

Endowments for specific purposes, such as purchasing materials on a specific subject, can be established with a minimum of $25,000 through the UNLV Foundation.

All funds accepted for a specific purpose shall be expended for that purpose only. All donations accepted are acknowledged and a receipt is made for the donor. If requested, the donor will be notified of how the money was spent. The UNLV Libraries Administrative Office handles the receipt/deposit of all gift funds.

Gift monies should be sent to:
   University Libraries Administration Office
   4505 Maryland Pkwy, Box 457001
   Las Vegas, NV 89154-7001.

Gifts of books or other materials for addition to the Library's collections are handled through the Collection Development and Management Division's Gift Coordinator at 895-2145.