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Bibliographic and Metadata Services

Bibliographic and Metadata Services (BMS) is responsible for providing access to library collections in all formats. Accurate, precise records are required for searching an automated database, or Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC). BMS staff catalog new materials, electronic resources, and participate in the design and maintenance of the Library web site and other digital projects. Retrospective cataloging of older materials is also accomplished by BMS staff as time permits.

Authority records are provided to simplify database searching. By definition, authority records are those which lead the searcher to a common search term, and include "see" references, "see also" references, accepted authors' names if pseudonyms or variant spellings are used, or brief notes concerning the scope of a subject heading.

Rush cataloging service is provided upon request of a university-affiliated user (faculty, student, staff). Rush cataloging is defined as a 48-hour delivery to Circulation of a fully cataloged item.

The request by a patron for rush cataloging is made by completing the Request for Rush Cataloging Form. MOR personnel search for the item(s); if found, materials and associated paperwork are delivered to BMS. If not found, the request is delivered to BMS staff for retrieval. After cataloging, the material is delivered to Circulation, or to the appropriate location if it is a branch library, Research and Information, or Special Collections location. The patron is notified that the item is ready for circulation (or use, if material is other than circulating item). If the patron does not pick up the item within seven days after notification, the item will be sent to its designated location.

Report any errors in any element of a cataloging record to BMS staff for correction.