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3rd Annual Student Art Exhibit Oct. 5- Nov. 6

By Jeanne Brown on October 1, 2009 8:29 AM | Permalink
The 3rd Annual ASL Student Art Exhibit runs Oct. 5-Nov. 6. The exhibit features work from students in the College of Fine Arts, including School of Architecture and Art Department students. This is a juried show. Jurors are: Brian "Paco" Alvarez New Bureau curator, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority Rebekah Just exhibiting artist and 2009 UNLV graduate, received her MFA Suzanne Couture Senior Designer at Friedmutter Group Mikayla Whitmore Vagus Nerve publications director David Baird UNLV School of Architecture director, practicing artist Sponsored by ASL, AIAS, UNLV, CSUN, SAGA, & Blick's


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