Research Collections in Architecture Studies

American Architectural Books
    "This collection is based on the Henry Russell Hitchcock bibliography, American Architectural Books: a List of Books, Portfolios, and Pamphlets on Architecture and Related Subjects Published in America before 1895 (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, [c1962]), and on Helen Park's bibliography, A List of Architectural Books Available in America before the Revolution, Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, (October, 1961), 115-130." 114 reels of microfilm, with index.
    Arch Micro NA707 A44 1973


American History and Culture: Research Studies by the National Park Service, 1935-1984.
    Historic sites and structures.
    Lied Microforms E160.A54 1986


The Architectural Drawings of Alvar Aalto, 1917 - 1939
    "Collection of more than 200,000 sketches and drawings, 20,000 letters, photographs, building models, job descriptions, old exhibition material, newspaper cuttings, and more." Compiled by the Alvar Aalto Foundation in collaboration with the Museum of Finnish Architecture and the Alvar Aalto Museum. The Garland Architectural Archives. Eleven volumes.
    Arch Stacks NA2707.A16 A4 1994


The Architectural Drawings of R.M. Schindler
    "Collection ranges from figurative drawings produced during his early years in Chicago to his last sketches and working drawings of 1953. In most cases, the collection contains his first sketches for a project, followed by presentation drawings, and then a complete set of working drawings accompanied by written specifications." Collection preserved in the Architectural Drawing Collection of the University Art Museum, University of California Santa Barbara. The Garland Architectural Archives. Four volumes cover 1929-1953.
    Arch Stacks NA2707.S34 A4 1993


Architecture and Early Photography in France
    "Comprehensive set of photographs of Paris, from the end of the 19th century to present day ... almost 2,000 churches and over 4,000 monuments, important buildings and general views". Includes many ground plans, architectural drawings and detail pictures. "Paris views include street scenes, the 1914 floods and topographical views of France". Many monuments and works destroyed or lost in the two world wars. The Photographic Archives of the Caisse Nationale des Monuments Historiques et des Sites, Paris, established by the French Ministry of Culture.
    Arch Microforms NA1050.A69 1983


Architecture and Monuments in France
    "Unique collection of over 17,000 photographs by noted photographer-archaeologist Felix Martin-Sabon. Collection records important and interesting buildings and monuments throughout France showing interiors and many details". Includes rural and provincial France before industrialization. The Photographic Archives of the Caisse Nationale des Monuments Historiques et des Sites, Paris established by the French Ministry of Culture.
    Arch Microforms NA1041.A73 1983


Architecture Education Study
    Case studies. Directed by William Porter and Maurice Kilbridge.
    Arch Microforms NA2108.A74 1981


Architecture Interiors and Furniture
    "An extraordinary look at the architecture and design of Western civilization. 1,900 color slides and over 500 pages of commentaries. Immediate access to celebrated structures that are the keystone of architectural history. Divided into 19 lessons, each providing a penetrating look at one particular period of design." Eight volumes cover 3100 B.C.-1975.
    Arch Slides Media NA202.S22


The Artifacts of R. Buckminster Fuller
    "Comprehensive collection of his designs and drawings -- documents every design project in which Fuller was directly involved. Includes photographs of models and completed projects. Drawings for each design are preceded by a description of the project." The Garland Architectural Archives. Four volumes cover 1926-1983.
    Lied Oversize TA174.F86 1985


Oeuvre Complete. Le Corbusier.
    Eight volumes cover 1910-1969. In French.
    Arch Stacks NA1053.J4 A4 1995


The Early Alinari Photographic Archive of Art & Architecture in Italy
    "Over 7,000 reproductions of important buildings, churches and monuments in towns throughout the country taken at the turn of the 19th century. Major sections on Florence and Rome and extensive coverage of works in museums and galleries."
    Lied Microforms N6911.E23 1980


The Furniture Library Collection
    "Unique collection relating to the history of furniture design, architecture, decoration, style, manufacture, furniture and cabinetmakers in Europe and America from the 1600s to the early 20th century. Materials detail stylistic elements, furniture construction, aesthetic terminology and include complete sets of the pattern books from Chippendale, Sheraton and Hepplewhite". From the N.I. Bienenstock collection housed in the Bernice Bienenstock Furniture Library in High Point, North Carolina.
    Arch Microforms NK2260.F87 1980


Historic American Buildings Survey
    "The largest and most important record of American architecture ever published. Architecture and/or historically significant sites and structures. Part I to 1980 -- original photographs and texts of 20,000 sites. Part II 1980-1988 -- photographs and texts of 13,000 sites plus measured drawings for sites in both Parts I and II. Arranged by state, county and city".
    Arch Microforms NA730 1980


Historic American Engineering Record
    "Unique survey of America's vast industrial-technological heritage. Over 24,000 photographs and more than 20,000 pages of text documenting 1,827 structures, it is an invaluable resource for engineers, architects, historians, preservationists ... anyone with an appreciation of the development and intricacies of engineering and technology in America. Sites include such diverse structures as western canneries, silver mines, a missile range, eastern steel and stone railway bridges, midwestern railways, windmills, brewery complexes, etc. Founded jointly by the National Park Service, the Library of Congress and the American Society of Civil Engineers.
    Arch Microforms NA730.A1 1990


Holabird & Roche and Holabird & Root
    "Over 1,400 illustrations including hundreds of photographs. The volumes reproduce a number of the excellent ink on linen working drawings, as well as design sketches and presentation drawings from the Chicago Historical Society Architectural Collection. Additionally hundreds of photographs of the firm's work are reproduced. Holabird & Root is an ideal subject for surveying American architecture of the past 100 years ... provides an unusually complete and well documented example of what large commercial firms in every American city were doing during this period. Interesting for what they reveal about the economics and politics of real estate development, relationships with the client, and the internal operation of a large firm in developing designs and overseeing construction." The Garland Architectural Archives. Four volumes cover 1880-1940.
    Arch Stacks NA737.H558 A4 1991


The Le Corbusier Archive
    "Collection of architectural drawings, projects and urban plans contains sheets that range from conceptual sketches down to the final working drawings and details. Drawings include title, description, and dimensions. " Volume 1 - Early Buildings and Projects 1912-1923. Le Corbusier's Formative Years at La Chaux-de-Fonds by H. Allen Brooks and The Significance of Le Corbusier by Alan Colquhoun. From the Foundation Le Corbusier, Paris. The Garland Architectural Archives.
    Arch Stacks NA2707.L4 A4 1982


The Louis I. Kahn Archive
    "The collection, representing the vast majority of his work, consists of 6,500 drawings executed by Kahn, approximately 10,000 development and working drawings from his office, 50 models, 7,000 photographs, 3,000 slides, and his personal and office correspondence. Full cataloging for each drawing including information on media, dimensions, date, scale, state of realization, aspect treatment and factual information including client, present status of the project, etc." Personal drawings from the Kahn Collection on permanent loan to the University of Pennsylvania. The Garland Architectural Archives. Seven volumes cover 1926-1974.
    Arch Stacks NA2707.K33 A4 1987


Louis Sullivan
    "A complete detailed catalogue of all architectural and other drawings, building fragments, manuscripts and Sullivan memorabilia, as well as the work of his associates housed in the art Institute of Chicago." An Illustrated Catalogue from the collection in the Art Institute of Chicago. The Garland Architectural Archives.
    Arch Stacks NA737.S9 A4 1989


The Mies van der Rohe Archive

  "The first four volumes contain a complete checklist of all the European drawings with reproductions of 2,000 of them, background information for each project, and some photographs. Volume 1 includes an extensive introduction by Arthur Drexler discussing the origin and history of the Mies Archive, Mies's relationship with the Museum of Modern Art, and a discussion of what we can learn about Mies as an architect and draftsman from studying these drawings. Volumes 5 and 6 present more than 1,300 drawings omitted from the first volumes. Together they show the full scope of Mies's work during his European years. In addition many of the 80-odd unidentified drawings catalogued at the end of Volume 4 are identified in Volumes 5 and 6. The final volumes of the Archive document the more than 12,000 drawings done by Mies and his office during the American phase of his career." An Illustrated Catalogue of the Mies van der Rohe Drawings in the Museum of Modern Art. The Garland Architectural Archives. Twenty volumes cover 1907-1969.
    Arch Stacks Oversize NA2707.M55 A4 1986
    Table of Contents listing for 20 volume set


Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps 1885-1950
    These maps record the creation and decline of cities and towns, building by building, in detail. The maps may contain information on the following: building size, shape, and construction, street names, street names, street and sidewalk widths, property boundaries, buildings use, house and block numbers, textual information on construction, information on building use, pipelines, railroads, wells, dumps, and heavy machinery. Within each state, the maps are arranged by city name in alphabetical order. Within each city, each edition of maps is in chronological order.
    Lied Microforms G4350.A1 S26x 1979


The Walter Gropius Archive
    "Complete documentation of Gropius's European work including his early pre-Bauhaus period and all the projects he undertook independently after he came to the United States. The later Bauhaus years - the time of his association with Mies van der Rohe - is extensively represented as well. " Volumes 1 - 3 cover 1911-1957 -- more than 3,000 drawings, Volume 4 covers the work of the Architects Collaborative -- more than 750 drawings. "Each project is introduced by an essay by the principal who worked with Gropius on the project. The essays explain Gropius's working methods and his concerns for the projects under discussion." An Illustrated Catalogue of the drawings, prints, and photographs in the Walter Gropius Archive at the Busch-Reisinger Museum, Harvard University. The Garland Architectural Archives. Four volumes cover 1911-1969.
    Arch Stacks NA1088.G85 A4 1990