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Policy Statement
Preservation/Conservation in the UNLV Libraries

The Preservation/Conservation Unit was established within the Department of Special Collections in the UNLV Libraries in October 1999 to retard the physical and chemical processes that result in deterioration of materials housed in the Libraries, to eliminate hazards to those materials, and to repair damages already incurred. Preservation and conservation principles will be integrated into all units in the Libraries in order to prolong the life and usefulness of UNLV Librariesí materials.

Preservation is an indirect method of treatment in which the environment around an item is changed. This includes stabilizing, maintaining, and monitoring temperature, humidity, light exposure, air pollution, dirt, dust, and mold. Preservation also includes surveying the condition of the building and the collections; the construction of protective enclosures using acid-neutral or buffered materials; proper storage and handling techniques; security, including theft, vandalism, and the use of food, drink, and tobacco in the Libraries; insurance; disaster prevention, preparedness, and recovery; and education, training, and outreach programs for staff, patrons, the University community, and the public.

Conservation is a direct method of treatment in which an item is physically or chemically changed. This includes cleaning, deacidifying, repairing, rebinding, and reformatting. All conservation treatments entail the least intrusive methods possible, and use acid-neutral or buffered materials. Some materials, such as pastes, fungicides, and marbled papers, will be made in-house to ensure their quality. Until such time as an archivally sound method of reformatting has been universally accepted, the Preservation/Conservation Unit will limit reformatting recommendations to microfilming and photocopying onto acid-neutral paper. Due to the amount of materials in the UNLV Librariesí collections needing treatment, all initial conservation treatments will be limited to the UNLV Librariesí collections.



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