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Snake Eyes by Bill Willard

Gaming is an expanding industry and unique cultural phenomenon within the United States and around the world. For many years, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas has been the world's leading repository for material on gaming and related issues.

To search for current statistics and other information, try the, the website of the Center for Gaming Research.

Online Information

The UNLV Library Catalog contains records for most of the books and periodicals in the Collection.

Use the Digital Browsing page to get an idea of collection areas not in the catalog.

Other online features include:

A complete list of gaming-related periodicals in the Collection.

A guide to the Taxe Collection, the world's largest extant collection of books on gambling before the 20th century.

A guide to the International Casino Public Relations and Promotions Archive.

Subject Guides for gambling research--topic-centered summaries, bibliographies, and links.

Selected Internet Resources--a massive compilation of links for gaming and related research.

About the Collection

The Gaming Collection is the world's premier research repository of information relating to gambling and commercial gaming. Because of the global scope of today's gaming industry, the collection embraces not only Las Vegas and Nevada gaming, but gambling throughout the world.

The collections document the history and statistical basis of games and gambling; the economics and regulation of the gaming industry; the psychological, social, and political effects of gambling; and the history of specific hotel and casinos throughout the world

Significant collections have been developed in the specific and related fields of organized crime and prostitution. Cultural aspects of gaming are represented in collections of literature and periodicals concerning Las Vegas and gambling, and in the visual material of photographs and motion pictures. The Taxe Collection is a significant resource on 19th Century gaming.

Since January 2001, the Collection has been the responsibility of Center for Gaming Research Director Dave Schwartz.

For more information about how to contact or visit the Gaming Collection, see our Visit/Contact page.

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