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ASL Special Collections: access to materials, and policies and procedures


The ASL Special Collections section at the UNLV Architecture Studies Library (ASL) is housed in a secure area within the Library. Items located in ASL Special Collections include the Local Planning Materials collection, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Nevada Awards Archive, and the Architects Collection.

Although a Library Graduate Assistant generally staffs this facility 20 hours per week [during the fall and spring academic semesters], access to the collection is limited. Those patrons wishing to utilize the materials held in ASL Special Collections may request access at the ASL Service Desk. Requests will be granted on a staff-available basis. However, if patrons are in need of specific materials, they may request that staff pull the items and hold them at the ASL Service Desk. All items in ASL Special Collections are non-circulating; therefore, they are usually not allowed to leave the Architecture Studies Library.


Most of the collection may be copied within the ASL, according to posted copyright regulations. Patrons are strongly urged to use care when copying fragile or old materials. The Architecture Studies Library staff is available to reproduce most material for patrons, or for items that have an unusual or special format. Items may be protected under Copyright Law (Title 17, U.S. Code).

Prices for our reproduction services are listed below. Please remember, these prices are general guidelines, and may change at any time. Special services or unusual requests may incur additional costs. All services totaling more than fifteen dollars ($15) will require prepayment by check. Educational institutions may qualify for discounts on certain services. For price quotes or to inquire about services not listed, please email [].

Additionally, in the event that mailing is required, a shipping and handling fee will be charged to cover the cost of postage and mailing supplies. Prices are for shipping items that will fit in one mailing tube or one padded bubble mailer. If your request requires that your items be shipped in multiple containers, additional shipping charges may apply.


Self-Service Photocopying $.10 per page (8.5 x 11) only with Rebel ID card [or Guest Print card (purchase from ASL service desk)]
$.15 for legal and 11x17.
Photocopying by ASL Staff: $.25 per page [black and white]· $2 per page [color]
Acid-free archival paper for photocopying: $.10 per 8.5x11 sheet [cost of paper only-this is in addition to cost of copying]
Copying items in electronic format: $5 per CD [CD not provided]· $10 per CD [CD provided]
Scanning by ASL Staff: [for images up to 8.5" x 11"] $1 per image· Images may be saved on a patron's ZIP disk [not provided] or files may be burned to a CD [additional costs apply; see below].· Please indicate resolution [DPI] and format [jpeg, gif, tif].· The turnaround time for these services is approximately one week.
Scanning by ASL Staff: [for oversize items such as maps or blueprints]: $10 per item [up to 300 DPI]· $15 per item [over 300 DPI]· These images will be burned onto a CD-R [additional costs apply; see below].· The turnaround time for these services is approximately one week.
Storage: [one-time fee per request]: $1 if files are saved to a ZIP disk [not provided]· $2 if files are burned to a CD [not provided]· $5 if files are burned to a CD [provided, with case]
Printing: [by ASL Staff or patron]: $.02 per page [black and white]· $.25 per page [color; up to 8.5" x 11"]· $10 per page [Staff only; black and white or color; over 8.5" x 11," up to 36" wide]



Shipping and Handling:· $5 [for items that can be shipped in small padded bubble mailers]· $10 [for items that must be shipped in mailing tubes or large padded bubble mailers]

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