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Mapping Studies of Las Vegas
by Jose Gamez

This project re-visits the seminal work Learning from Las Vegas: the Forgotten Symbolism of Architectural Form, written by Robert Venturi, Denise Scott Brown, and Steven Izenour (1972, 1977). The primary goal of this project has been to recreate, update, and add to the maps and diagrams found within Learning from Las Vegas in order to better understand the changes facing the contemporary postmodern city. The project, like that of Venturi et al, has been a studio and student-based research initiative. With funding from the Office of the Provost for Research at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Jose Gamez ( ) and a group of graduate students performed a series of investigations that resulted in a collection of 26 documents illustrating changes in the local urban landscape following the publication of Learning from Las Vegas (Research and Design Studio, fall 2000). This research now forms the basis for a forthcoming book to be published by the University of Nevada Press.

Spring 2002 will see a new group of research assistants working collaboratively with Susan Snyder and a group of students from the University of Pennsylvania. This collaborative effort will be a continuation of the previous work.

Samples: Schedule -- Map -- Section. (or click on the images below)



Graduate Research Assistant: Chris Fenton

Research Studio student participants:

Jose Berrios
Patrick Castellano
James Cooper
Rene Rolin Hassenzahl
Kelvin Haywood
Jin Kang
Lance Kirk
Victor Knight
Craig Lucas
Brett Harris
Vanessa Manoz
Aaron Whitman
Jose Luis Gamez, Re-examining Las Vegas: Architecture and Urban Form in the Postmodern Era. University of Nevada Press: Forthcoming.

Jose Luis Gamez and Jeff Hartnett, "Re-examining Las Vegas: Architecture and Urban Design in the Postmodern Era" (Unpublished Report, University Of Nevada, Las Vegas, 2001).


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