UNLV Libraries Online Catalog Searching: Book and Journal Titles (Module 4)


1. 1. Search the UNLV Libraries online catalog ["library catalog"] for the book title Environmental problems and human behavior. What can you tell about the book from the record in the online catalog?

Date published ____________
Checked out? Yes or no _______________
Does it have a list of additional books on the topic? Yes or no _________
Where can you find it when it is not checked out? __________
How long is it? [number of pages] _____________
Does it have pictures? Yes or no ________
What is the call number? [necessary to find the book] _______________
If the book is checked out, where do you go to ask that it be saved for you
    on its return? ____________________

2. Search the UNLV online catalog for books on an architecture [or landscape architecture or interior design] career. Start with a keyword search. Choose a title that looks relevant [that is, a title that seems to be on the topic]. Click on that title. What is the Subject that will lead you to additional books on that topic?


3. The major professional association for architecture is the American Institute of Architects (AIA), for landscape architecture the American Society of Landscape Architecture (ASLA) and for interior design the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). Choose one of these professional associations and search the UNLV online catalog for books or videos for which the association is the author. Note below the author, title, date published, number of pages [or minutes if it is a video], and call number.

Number of pages _________________
Call number______________________


1.Your instructor asks you to read the article "SOM taps woman for chair" published in the magazine Architecture in June 2001, about how architect Marilyn Taylor becomes the first female chairperson of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, a major architectural firm. The Architecture Studies Library has Architecture magazine in both paper and online. Find information on the paper copy. Search the UNLV online catalog by the title of the magazine. You will find that there are more than 100 items with the title Architecture. Use the limit/sort button at the top of the page and limit to titles located in UNLV Arch Periodicals.

What is the call number for the magazine Architecture? ______________________________
Does the ASL have the year/month needed? Yes or no _________
How can you find out what page the article is on? _____________________________________________

2. What index could you use to search for additional titles on this or related topics? [See module 5] _________________

Advanced search questions [Books and Periodicals]

1. Find a book published by the American Institute of Architects published after 1995 located in the Architecture Studies Library on architects' salaries. Give the following information about the book:

Title _____________________________
Date published________________________
Number of pages _________
Call number_________________

2. Use the Avery Index or one of the other indexes in architecture, to find an article on architecture, landscape architecture, or interior design as a profession. Give the complete information on the article below.

Author _____________________________
Title of the article________________________________
Magazine in which it appears__________________
Date of the magazine_____________________
Volume number __________________
Page number_____________________

Does the ASL have the magazine, and the year/month needed? Note the call number: ____________________________________

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